martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

A new spot for you in my life

Love you, me and every person by your side, blow my mind just one time, so the next one I will look into your eyes like no other men alive! I refuse to left go away from my heart the people who let a mark. Jealousy , fights , broken hearts... are the things we should let behind, exe´s do not get me wrong I am not talking about you guys. This is my time, I am talking to my heart, mi brain and everything that to it applies.

Once upon a time I felt love for the first time, got the broken heart, then the cure and a solution to keep moving with out feeling that I was about to die. Today when I see you my eyes shine, my mouth refuses to talk, my heart hides and pretend to be thinking about someone else. My arms hold back to avoid the moment we all may can miss understand. My real secret is that I don´t want to kick you out of my life, but neither want to keep loving you with out a real chance. My secret is to love you as my partner in life, not under the same roof but under the same sky, my secret is to be your friend and you mine. Just like brothers is what I feel when you stand by my side.

I accept you with any other man, I don´t care if you love him or if he makes you feel like you want to fly. My only concern is you feeling sad or not happy once again. I need you in my life, is clear that the feelings are not the same, cause they are better now, that's the essence I want to catch when about you I write. You and me friends for an eternity may sounds like hell in paradise, but we are wired people that are aloud to fight so our friendship to keep alive. 

This is a poem that came from deep inside, please my crazy funny friend, remember no matter what ,we move to the next level and we survived, the level where separate beds feel fine, kissing other lips look nice to our hearts and there are not tears to cry. Is the level when you approve in every single way that being friends is the best of the chances we had tried. 

Keep moving on, please don´t forget we had a pass, you own a little spot on this big heart, even though now the throne is an empty spot. A throne that was yours once, but now is free for those who want to take the risk of feeling this arms. You move to the next level where friends are the most important so don´t go anywhere, decide wise. Stand by me to build a friendship that has no regrets or bad intentions but being happy, lets full the glass with  long talks, walks and lots of smiles. As a friend I know you won´t break this heart again, lets forget the pass so today we can start all over again, lets take advance of this oportunity to grow up, remember yesterday we had a match, tomorrow it will be about being a better human with everybody who may want to join the crazy road we call life. 

4 comentarios:

Leandro Sebastian dijo...

Si no hay amor, no hay amistad...

"not under the same roof but under the same sky"

me gustó esa frase... Ocurrente!!!

Aylu dijo...

qué lindo lo que escribiste rafa sdjkfnsdkfjs te quiero mucho!

Ayelen dijo...

muy buenos son este grupo de gente ,magnificas canciones eligen

Anónimo dijo...

learned a lot