jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Deep inside...

Today is a new day… and is dark and full of hate.
Doesn’t matter how much I try to explain my self, at the end you know I am dying to see your face again. This may sound like a very sad song, but who cares all I want to express is how I feel today.
They say it will be alright, so I don´t get to understand why it feels so sad and hard…. I woke up cause I was dreaming about me on your arms, suddenly I opened my eyes and this emptiness came back to make me cry.
I am wondering how you feel, is it me the only one who is feeling this pain? My tears go down my face, the just scream:  please come back and stay.
Why is it so hard to understand the real things we should learn while we are alive? Why my mind keeps torturing me putting your smile on my lonely heart?!!  It´s playing sick and hide?, cause yesterday I was fine and today I feel like crap.
God, Buda, Jah… I don´t care the real name you have, but if there´s someone up there, I am begging you please push me back to ground, cause I am scare and afraid. I need you men, I really need to see your face, so I can feel in paradise again.
You used to say you will always be my god, that you will always hold me in your arms, I shouldn’t run anymore, because my purpose was to be by your side. Why dose it feel like time had pass so fast? Then I stop and realize that it was real, that it was my last chance? I am so deeply sad, I miss you so bad, please don´t let me die.
I though I was happy last night, with out having you by my side, so why this morning is so dam hard? Come on be my god again, cover me with your smile, and hug me with your dreams, so I can bring my own back to life.
I take a big breath; I am really trying to understand all this that I said before is no more than a simple joke, or at least is what I want to believe, so I can let you be. I though I was loosing control, but seriously is only me getting back to what I was, you know: a happy lovely guy, caring smiles and hugs all the time!!

Miss you men...

                                                   by Rafael Eduardo Rodriguez Bolaños

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